The Green House: Not just another co-working space

A collaborative workspace for freelancers, creatives and small business owners

The Green House: Not just another co-working space

June 27, 2019 co-working 0
The Green House: Not Just Another Business
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Most cities, large and small, have co-working spaces. Estimates predict over 25,000 shared-work spaces will exist worldwide with millions working from home by 2022. This means more opportunities to collaborate, create, and grow. Co-working spaces also add value to the community in which they reside.

A co-working space is a perfect location for neighborhood gatherings, social justice and political panels, and educational sessions. It’s a place for side hustles and part-time businesses to have pop-up shops! Additionally, these spaces provide small companies with a professional location to meet clients and more.

Last summer, The Green House opened up its yard to the public and hosted “Wednesdays on the Porch” with free concerts that brought neighbors together. Attendees enjoyed local bands while relaxing on their lawn chairs with family and friends. We also hosted a community Open House last month.

Financially, leasing office space may not make sense.  A co-working membership, however, is a more cost-effective option and is usually month-to-month. If you’re looking to join a co-working space, The Green House may be right for you and we are currently running a Weekend/Night Partner Special. Stop in today to tour our space!