What you should never do in a co-working space

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What you should never do in a co-working space

April 25, 2019 co-working 0
The one thing you should never do in a co-working space
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Research suggests that by 2020, 3.8 million people will work in co-working spaces. The majority of occupiers will be small business owners and entrepreneurs seeking meeting space, basic resources, office versatility, and great connections. With that being said, here’s what you should never do in a co-working space.

Yes, networking and making solid connections is always a plus in any situation. This, however, should never be the primary goal of joining a co-working space. People come to get stuff done and may not be available for small talk or conversations lasting longer than a few minutes. Also, don’t bombard the same co-worker with multiple questions or approach them daily. Even if they extended the offer, tread lightly and don’t wear out your welcome.

Another thing is to not force your business on other co-workers. You should never introduce yourself to people with an “I can help you” attitude. They may already have a trusted provider. Allow them to ask you about your services and products. This is an open door to then discuss your offerings.

Additionally, it’s not a social hour nor is it a race to hand out the most business cards. Instead of passing your information out to everyone in the space, focus on building relationships and synergy with a few people that make sense for your business.