A workplace trend to watch for in 2019

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A workplace trend to watch for in 2019

December 27, 2018 co-working 0
A woman at a co-working station
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You guessed it…Co-working! In 2019, nonconventional workplaces will continue to grow and become the new norm. Of course, there are traditionalists who believe working in an office environment is the only way to be productive, but many are starting to see co-working as an appealing option. Here are a few reasons why.

Face-to-face interaction
Some believe that face-to-face collaboration and interaction can only take place in an office setting. Not true! Co-working spaces afford the same opportunities as an office without distractions. This includes meeting with clients in person or over video chat. The possibilities are endless.

Cost savings
Contrary to traditional opinions, employees that work remotely are actually more productive, making co-working the perfect option for freelancers and small businesses. Get more done in less time without someone stopping by your desk every 10 minutes. What’s more is co-working is a cost-effective option to anyone’s bottom line.

Technology growth
Technology will continue to grow and advance. With that being said, many co-working spaces offer video studios, podcasting equipment, and even virtual reality simulators. This allows workers to be cutting edge and at the top of their game. Co-working is not just a workplace, it’s an experience.

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